Old House

Old house, New house it does not seem to matter. If you got them, you have them. In our house they like to visit in the middle of the night. Prompting panic for all those sleeping. Get it out of the house!

In my house I am the Bat wrangler. Whenever they come in, I am who gets them out.

We do not want to kill it; they eat the mosquitoes. But I do not want to snuggle them either. They have their own spot to sleep, and it is not in my house.

Through the years with many different plans of attack, I have found a cooling rack made for cookies is the best way to knock them out of the air, knock the air out of them for long enough to place them in a bag set them free outside.

An unwanted guest is always a pest from bats to family members. Next option is that we will give them their own house (the BATS). Bat houses should be hung high up, with the hopes they take to their new place to live.

If you place it in the right spot, you can harvest the guano for fertilizer. You want it close to where you spend time outside so when they come out, they are hungry and start to eat the little bugs right away. Most people find them creepy. If you take a minute to think why they are here, you learn to live with them outside. All you need to do is give them their own space.