Car Hauler camper conversion trip to florida from Micihgan

Car Hauler camper conversion trip to Florida from Michigan

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Are you camping in Florida and want it cheap to free? Well make a login a and see if there’s a place near in the recreation part of this site and make one, most are free and require 24hr pre booking, some have water n some have bathrooms, BoonDockers dream. The site also gave a plethora of knowledge on fishing and tons of activities. thank me later.

So, as I learned 12v was a dumb way to go as I was building a rather big system, I should have spent the money and got the 48v system, I digress quick, thing I learned here get 48v use a step-down transformer for the 12v stuff. The type of inverter is paramount to the health and sometimes safety of your camping. You have three types of inverters, regular ,modified and pure sine wave inverters, best way I can put this it’s like the quality of fuel your putting in your car but you giving it to you electronics purse sign wave makes everything smooth and quiet running, as where modified is a step down to midgrade and well then you have regular, modified and regular you literally can hear the electric motors microwaves or fans being more noisy and running warmer. Crazy I know, all comes down to COST just like gas for the car.

Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 3000Watt DC 12 Volt to 120Volt with LCD Display and Remote Control 2X 2.4A USB and 4X AC Outlets with Brand GIANDEL

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Solar panels make it fun in getting free juice from the sky, YES you need sun so no camping or setting up under or near trees, solar panels come in few types Monocrystalline and polycrystalline poly will be bigger less powerful as mono come to be the better choice as its smaller and more power AGAIN 12v 24v 48v, remember high voltage smaller wires less heat, if your just tenting it yes you can buy a 20w- 100w folding one but folding breaks it down quick. I suggest just getting a panel you can fit in your gear pending your need, now these two push some serious power 24v each 320watts my 200Ah battery is charged by noon every day, great company, beware though they use FedEx to ship and it can arrive broken so be home to check them b4 he leaves. The company will refund you or send out new ones to you free of charge. I have no complaints about these. They have seen hail, snow, frost, tree branches and a hard broom head a few times with no issues over the years.

Renogy 2pcs Solar Panel Kit 320W 24V Monocrystalline Off Grid for RV Boat Shed Farm Home House Rooftop Residential Commercial House, 2 pieces, 729$ouse,

Can’t say much, this thing rocks its built well it’s pretty much fool proof. It accepts whatever volt you put into it, recognizes your battery type and volt and just sends it, awesome stuff here.

EPEVER 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V/36V/48V Auto Max.PV 150V Input Negative Ground Solar Panel Charge Regulator with MT50 Remote Meter Temperature Sensor RTS & PC Communication Cable RS485

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First, I have to say that when you go solar you need to just swallow hard and go big. To do it correctly, 12v,24v,48v, PAY ATTENCHION volts low mean bigger wires and more heat. I got 12v now I am spending more money to upgrade to 48v. Like a few hundred $$$, Now batteries come in all shapes sizes and type. I opted for this 12v and yes should have gotten the 48v one. It works great till the outside temp gets it down to below 45deg. The Smart level you see below has a heater in it that will heat the battery up in cold weather. Now the hard part lithium doesn’t work when it’s cold, I’ve found they won’t charge but will discharge. I went a few times on my way out of Michigan without power due to the cold and waiting for my heater to warm up the living area to its needed charge temp. China company not English they have a storage yard here and are fast to reply and help you with any issues fast. Super impressive company. If you don’t know about Ah (amp Hour) on a battery here’s a quick idea. 200Ah I can run all my household items I have like a normal vacuum, a standard microwave and a 2-slice toaster. Ah determines kind of how long you’ll be able to run them. Now for two people this whole set up does ok for about one full day of normal living use, charging phones ,lights, tv ,DVD, player, laptop, 40w fridge. I would buy 400Ah 48v just would take any worry away. This battery you can app on your phone and see everything the app is doing charge temp time etc..

CHINS Smart 12V 200AH LiFePO4 Battery, Support Low Temperature Charging (-31°F), Built-in 100A BMS, 2000+ Cycles, Mobile Phone APP Monitors Battery SOC Data

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The best water filter I’ve used has a good flow rate and makes water taste good, 70% of campers and RV hookups have one of these on the line.

Camco TastePURE RV/Marine Water Filter | Features Flexible Hose Protector | Reduces Bad Taste, Odor, Chlorine, and Sediment with a 20-Micron Sediment Filter | (40043)

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While camping we tend to not worry about a mirror but for those who do need one, This one fits the bill, I am not gentle when comes to camping. This mirror has not scratched or spite from being tossed in a Walmart bag with my shave cream and razors. Fogging is not much of an issue. It did take two good falls to the ground, one landing face down another directly on the edge no chip and no breaking at all. I give 5 stars for rugged camping mirror.

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Shatterproof Shower Mirror Fogless for Shaving (2 Pack 8×6 inch) Medium Unbreakable Deluxe Plexiglass Makeup Mirror,Largest Bathroom Wall Hanging Mirror,Portable Camping, Silver, (2 Pack,6”x8” )

Brand: N\C