HONDA Made to Last

As things get old, we tend to sell them off and buy new ones. This is a great idea if moneys not an issue. So, you always have the latest and greatest products. In theory that means less maintenance and less headaches. As we all know the manufactures are making products with less pride and cheaper materials. This is leading us to a point that all things we buy are going to be disposable.

The old saying nothing last forever, is not true all the time. Look at the great wall of China or the pyramids, humans that constructed these objects took pride in the work and used the best materials to erect some of the world marvels. In short if you made it to last it is going to last lift time.

This approach used when companies started to fight for their product to be bought instead of the competitions. Honda was considered a foreign product, build cheaper than the American made products. American products made with quality material and top-notch engineering, so we thought.

The Honda products built today and built decades ago have higher resale value. They tend to run longer and are more dependable. This brings me to the project my buddy just bought.

A 1989 fourtrax 4wheeler, that is 33 years old for the challenged math peeps. That is over three decades old. This thing starts up with on problems and purrs like a kitten. I thought that the $1,200 dollars spent on it was a little too much for the age of the machine. After getting on it, starting it up and driving it around for about 10 mins or so I was convinced the price was fair. Like all things, expect, tires, brakes, oil changes etc. This thing is in great shape for its age. Everything works except for the back brakes.

As he took off the back wheel, everything came off like straight butter from the lug nuts to all the brake components. I was amazed how good all the old parts still looked after all these years. Found that the pads had worn out so much the only thing left was dust. This next thing blows my mind, when we looked up the parts for it, we had no problem finding them online. The one thing to take from this is not all things created are equal and American made products are sometimes inferior to their counter parts.