Well, it is that time of year again. The weather is hot and the hay is ready to be cut. Seems to always feel like the hottest days of the year is when the hay is ready. When the hay is ready, we must cut it. Once the maintenance and greasing done on all equipment, we are ready to “drop in”. When the hay is cut it takes a day or 2 to dry out the top 2/3. Then it is ready to rake into rows and finish drying. Dry time depends on weather conditions.

Everyone’s favorite day is next, it is time to bail the hay. The wagons are hooked up to the bailer and the stacking begins. When it comes to stacking it is important to interlock the bails so that you do not lose them off the wagon. After the wagon is full, we take it to the farm, place the square bales on the conveyor which dumps it into the mow. Two people in the mow must restack it to be used in the winter. Repeat field after field. Love me some hay. NOT.