Do all things right but still fail?

Today I was getting ready to fly my phatom 4 rtk pro drone by going through the per flight check list.

I checked if I was going to be flying in unrestricted airspace I was not. Looked around for potential obstructions, there are none at this time. The weather was mild and sunny. Started to do check on the drone. I began with the props. They looked good. No cracks or any damage that I noticed. I placed a full battery in the drone and checked that the lock was working right. Removed all the safety locks from the gimbal and camera. The controller has a full battery in it. The motor starts up and no funny sounds are coming from them. So, I brought the drone about 3 foot off the ground and got ready to take it for a cruise.

I took the drone to about 200 foot above the surface and looked around to see want was up there.  Started to the north where a bald eagle was spotted the other day by a lake to see if I could find where it was nesting. While in flight I could see there was a lot of boats out on the lake for a late fall tour. Was I got closer to the lake the boaters noticed the drone. Some where waving and some were giving the drone the one finger salute. So, I proceed to look along the shoreline up in the trees for the eagles. I started in the southeast corner and worked my way around the lake in a clock work direction. All I seen was boaters and a large group of Canadian geese.

I had about 10 minutes left on the batteries, so I turned back to the take off location. As the drone got closer to me, I was taking the opportunity to take some fall pictures of hard woods between two lakes.  In Michigan this time of year can be breath taking. After about 5 mins I decided to bring the drone back to the landing pad I started from. I stopped the drone at about 300 foot above me and started to descend to the earth about halfway down the wind started to pick up. I was in line of site to compensate for the wind. All my attention was on the drone, and I did not notice the flock of geese had taken flight off the lake and headed for the area I was in with the drone. As they flew by they where at all different altitudes so I just stopped the drone in its tracks. This was not enough. The drone was in the middle of the flock flight path and the drone took one of the geese head on the drone fell to earth and fell to pieces. The geese took a header in to a swamp nearby. As I was picking up the pieces the goose took off to find it friends. The drone will never see the sky again. We try to do all the right thinks and mother nature is still in charge and has you all was guessing.