Bag Chair I Dear to


With the holidays approaching, the need for more seating has raised. With some bringing out the old folding chairs and others using the bag chair for extra spots to take a load off your feet. All is good in the beginning but as the clock ticks, the chairs become rocks. The back of your legs is numb. No matter what cheek you are using to hold your upper body in place is cramping.

One of the fastest ways to get people to leave the area is to make them uncomfortable. Whether it is the conversation, the people, or putting them in pain. They will find a way to exit. I remember the days of the yard chair you know the ones I am talking about. Aluminum frames with that 2-inch wide material weaved in and out.

The colors were always bright and they never fit anywhere to store them. Some rocked and some had side tables. If you got them wet, they were dry in about 5 minutes with a wipe from some paper towels.

In today’s world, the bag chair is king. We take it everywhere with us just to have our own spot to squat. It fits over the shoulder. The chair is about the size of three umbrellas and has its own bag. Pop it out and you are good to go. That is not my experience with this type of chair. As most of you know the bottom front of the bag chair cuts off the blood flow to the lower legs and leaves some bruising on the back of the legs.

After about three months of use, the rivets start to wear out some even come up missing. The metal rods push through the material and the chair becomes a bowl shape. Your legs have a hard time reaching the ground. The year is 2021 and we still can’t have a good comfortable spot to sit. People with ideas, the bag chair I dear you to make something better for all of us. My butt and short t-rex legs thank you in advance.