Hard Water Fishing

In Michigan, fishing is one of the fun pastimes. But the time of year is one of the biggest challenges for most people. In the summer, we have countless public boat launches. Most fill up early in the morning on the weekends, but during the week you have open parking shots. The winter is a different story.

The winter puts us in hard water conditions, so all people get to use the water for fishing. It cost less money to fish in the winter in Michigan if you have the legs to do so. As we all know all public water is accessible in the winter to all people with a valid fishing license. If you have time to get out and fish. Most of us use local lakes to fill the itch. No boat is needed to access the famous fishing holes.

When you see the first people on the water you have this drive from the inside to get out there and retrieve the daily catch. All that is needed is the bait, pole, jig, and some way to get the hole through the ice. The layout of the lake is always useful.

One thing every fishing person will tell you is if you are fishing all is good.  The weather can be 15-mile hour winds snowing and the fishing person is still trying to achieve landing the species that they came to conquer.

One thing to remember is that fishing in the back pocket of the other fishing person can get annoying.