Shout Out to Chris E. and His Dog Groot for The Thirsty Thoughts


Have you ever found yourself on a hike/walk with a man’s best friend and then a less than ideal situation to get them a drink arises? Even something less involved like a car ride. My wife and I have found ourselves in this predicament on numerous occasions.

First, we tried toting his normal stainless water bowl with us (convenient on a walk). Cannot forget a bottle (or two) of water, to go along with the bowl. “We’re only going a few miles, right honey? Really don’t want to have to carry 2-3 bottles AND his bowl.” Next, we tried those flimsy, collapsible bowls. Yes, they work great for a thirsty 100 lb. dog, it never collapses and spills everywhere.

Now, you are down to half of that bottle of water you brought and feverishly pour hopefully enough into the bowl for the parched pup, leaving enough in the bottle just in case they are thirsty later. But the collapsible bowl still begs to be accompanied by water bottles.

We had even considered (and tried) a plain water bottle you would take to the gym, my hockey water bottle that you squeeze, and the water squirts out (he was not a fan). There HAD to be a better solution. There WAS a better solution.

A stainless water bottle that has a depressible button (valve) to be able to control the amount of water that comes out. The biggest plus is that there is a leaf-shaped silicone “flap” that folds against the bottle when not in use, and you simply “flip” it out to let your dog drink out of it. The “leaf” holds the water you let out, as a broadleaf would hold a fresh rainfall.

Depending on the model, you can hold the button (valve) in as you tilt the bottle up, allowing the unused water to return to the bottle. As I mentioned earlier, this can be invaluable on a trip in which you only brought so much water along. Our dog absolutely loves this method of quenching his thirst, and we are happy to have discovered it.

Why cut a hike short because you were not prepared? We now have one of these bottles in each vehicle, and by the door where we keep his collar and leash. We have experimented with assorted brands/models with all of them being similar in both form and function. Luckily, he does not care which one we use if we bring it along.

With the pet product industry being the economical juggernaut that it has become, it should not be a surprise that such an innovative product has come along. Many things seem frivolous and are in fact just that, in the pet industry. I argue that this product was invented out of necessity.

The bottles cater to not only our furry friends but ourselves as well. No plastic bottles to carry and dispose of, dishwasher safe, convenient, usually with a strap or lanyard so that it can be attached to your backpack. Our pets are at our mercy for the necessities in life, water, food, and shelter. Sure, they can drink out of mud puddles, because you would, right? Not so much.

The other two basics I imagine, you already take pride in providing for them. We have seen the bottles online with a simple search being offered for a modest price. We happened to get each of ours on Amazon because of the quick shipping and limited supplies in stores during these tumultuous times.

From what we have seen, you should come in under $25 after Uncle Sam gets his share. Maybe skip the pizza this Friday, take that money, and grab something that will make your next adventure smoother for you and your four-legged friend!