carbon foot print



The outdoors and human beings have walked hand and hand for millions of years. As humans began to adapt to mother earth, they learned to respect it. In the process of learning to survive on the surface, we made some good and some bad habits.

One of the good habits is when she (mother earth) is changing we the human beings changes with her. She turns cold we add clothes to keep us warm. When she is hot, we look for shad. All she must do is show her teeth one time and we have learned that she is not kidding around.

One of the bad habits that humans have kept over time is the carbon footprint that all of us leave behind. For the cavemen, it was the fire. Burning wood and dung to stay warm and cook the food. Today our carbon footprint is as big as the world that we know.

We have lost our way to keeping what has kept us alive all this time. We all need to get back on track to keep the planet safe for us to live on. ALL THIS STARTS AND STOPS WITH HUMANS.