No Pants About It


Do you find yourself in the Midwest or another cold climate searching for a better way to keep your lower half warm? Try Duluth Trading Co. (not a paid endorsement)! Their 11oz Fire Hose-lined cargo work pants will be guaranteed to get the job done.

I’ve worn these for the past five years and have never been more comfortable working outdoors. I work outside in all types of weather and haven’t been let down by them yet. They repel moisture and are tough as nails when it comes to walking through brush or thorns. And are true to your normal pant size.

Duluth Trading pants have outperformed every other pair of pants I’ve worked or played outside in. I have a pair that are three years old, they see work on average twice a week ( I rotate) and they’re still kicking. They’re getting thin in the knees and the pockets that get used the most, otherwise holding up well.

With Michigan winters lasting 4 months or so, I have not found any other brands that even compete for one season let alone 3. I used to buy Carhart insulated pants. At the time you couldn’t get anything better. The fact that you don’t have to wash the Duluth’s 10 times before you try to bend over and pick up the pen you dropped is a huge plus to me, and if you’ve ever owned Carhart’s you know what I’m talking about.

The biggest knock on Duluth is the price. These pants run about $90 if they’re not on sale. The good news is that they WILL outlast the other brands. So, with that logic, if you rotate them as I do, they’re only like $30/year. I stay comfortable from 50 degrees to -10 without long johns or a base layer of any kind. Howling straight-line winds, sleet, snow, whatever, these pants will deliver.

I have put on Under Armour Cold Gear long johns under them and have worked in -20 all day, everything except my lower half got cold. I buy a whole bunch of their products, but the pants were what I dipped my toe in the water with, and they’re what sold me on trying the rest of what they offer. Happy hunting!