Iron or aluminum

November 5, 2021, in Michigan is one of my favorite time of year to do some close to home camping.

It was Friday after work daylight was fading fast and we had just pitched our Ozark trail tent and started to make a fire. I was pissed off because the firewood cost was outrages, 10$ for some dinky pieces that will only last two hours at best.  I split one of the pieces of into littler pices to start the fire so we could cook diner. The wood was as very dry and took off.  We placed about half of the bundle on the fire to get a bed of coals. We use a raised cooking grill by iron works to hold the pans above the coals.

My wife placed a 10in cast iron pan on the grate to warm up.  We will be having breakfast for dinner, eggs, sausage, potatoes and hash. I was prepping the potatoes and she started the sausage in the pan.  Once the sausage was done, she took it out the sausage and left the grease in the pan for the potatoes. Once the potatoes go in, we start to warn the hash up in a old 10in pan with an wooden handle and I think it is made out of aluminum. Once the hash is warm, we remove the hash and use the grease for the scramble eggs. We use 3 eggs and a splash of whole milk. Once the eggs are done, we combine everything together in the cast iron pan and add about half of a quart jar of home-made salsa. Let simmer. We wipe out the other pan and use it warm tortilla shells. We use corn not flour. The wife places about three spoon full of the mix in each shell and puts a little cheese on it.

Once we eat it is time to do the dishes, I take the old pan and she takes the cast iron pan. During the washing process I noticed that the pan I was washing has started to disintegrate. I asked the wife what the little flakes where and she said looks like metal so dump me I put a piece in my mouth and yes it was metal, so we went to the last tortilla that was left over and open it. What the hell there was little pieces of metal inside all over the corn tortilla. We took the pan and placed it in the garbage and we will never use one of these pans while camping again.