Cast Iron is Where The Flavor Is!

Most everyone I know grew up with at least 1 cast iron pan in the kitchen. In our house, it was the only way to cook fried potatoes.

Through the years I have learned to use these pans in many ways. 1 of my favorite way to cook with cast iron is over a campfire. Everything from pancakes and sausage to lasagna and macaroni and cheese. Cast iron is very versatile it can be used on the stove, in the oven, and even in the grill. The flavors are amazing!

Cast iron comes in many shapes and sizes as well as brands. Lodge, Griswold, Wagner Ware, and Milo just to name a

Ingredients :

1-pound small shell noodles

Half gallon of vitamin D milk

-depending on the size of your pan.

1 and a half pound Monterey jack cheese

4tbs butter


2 cups crushed croutons


Preheat to 350

The temperature will vary when using a grill

Cook noodles and drain, put in baking pan

Heat milk and 2 tbs of butter over medium heat

When the butter starts to melt add cheese and continuously stir to melt evenly

In a small bowl, Approximately 5 forks full of cornstarch add enough water to dissolve

Add cornstarch mixture to cheese sauce stirring until it thickens

Pour cheese mixture over noodles and bake for 30minutes

Chop remaining butter and drop over the top, cover with crushed croutons and bake 20-30 minutes or until golden brown

Let’s cool and enjoy!