You Can Have It Cheap Keven

One day Keven was flipping through face book marketplace and ran a cross a deal on a hot tub. His wife birthday was coming up and she deserved one. He made the call to the seller and inquired about the condition of the hot tub. It was said to be in decent shape it had been running all winter and is still running to stop it from freezing. He went over to put some eyes on it.

The first thing he noticed is the hot tub is on a two-story deck and the stairs are too narrow to bring the hot tub done them. After looking over the hot tub he decided to by it. He told the owner that he needs to take off the rail system to have a machine to come and lift it off the deck. Just put the rails back up when you are done is the only request the former owner had.

Tried to find someone with a front-end loader to get it off the deck. No one wanted to have the responsibility of the grass and yard being all rutted up. Keven recruited three men to go, and man handle the 600 lb hot tub off the deck. Keven had an idea of sliding the hot tub down two or three post to a trailer. This will allow us to us shorter post.

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All was fun and games overall it went smooth, and the hot tub now has a new home. His wife could not be any happier she uses it daily as to relieve stress from all the children and Kevin.

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