What Is A Lunch Box?

I can remember that while in school you always knew who had money and who did not have money during lunchtime. The ones with money had metal or plastic boxes that were cared to school with handles and cool pictures on them.

The poor people had brown paper bags that most of the time smashed the sandwich that was inside. If you had an apple in the bag by the time you got to lunch the apple was soft and brown. Once the jelly leaked out of the saran wrap you had a mess on your hands.

In today’s world, the lunch box has all kinds of sizes and shapes. Most are soft and have zippers on them to hold the lid shut and a shoulder strap to carry them. The zippers always fail, and the handles are in the way. On the sides are pockets to carry other objects. Like a candy bar that you have to eat smashed.

Some of the bigger lunch boxes/ coolers have Velcro. Like arctic zone brand. Over time the Velcro gets worn out and never stays shut. The inside is like a mini cooler box with a removable shelf that is a pain in the butt to keep track of. All the mesh pockets on the outside are used to show other people you item you are carrying.

After the cold packs sweet in the bottom of the plastic insert this odor starts to seep out of the box. So, you pull the insert out and wash it. Take the material that makes up the outside and try to wash it by hand but that never works so you put it in the laundry and hope for the best.

Once everything is washed you try to reassemble the lunch box/ cooler and the insert is now too big to fit in the same hole it came out of and that Velcro, well it is now a hair storage spot. And that shelf is now in the garbage because it is a pain in the but to keep track of and you always have to move it to access the bottom of the box.

All I have to say is that even the auto manufacturers are doing throwbacks in their designs. We walk on to feet and communicate with each other even if we are from opposite sides of the planet. And we keep trying to make some things better even if they worked so well. All we need is a safe place to keep our sandwich safe, apples red, and our drink cold.