This is us!

My wife and I meet when we were preteens in 1985, around the age of 10.  We live in a small town in Gregory Michigan just down the road from hell Michigan. I came from a divorced family living with my mother and had every other weekend visit with my father who lived in Gregory. She also came from a divorced family and lived with her mother in the Gregory trailer park. My father’s backyard touched her mother’s backyard. In the beginning, we became close friends at the age of 12 and part-time lovers at the age of 15. After high school, I introduced her to my mother as my steady girlfriend.

I took a job in concrete, and she was a bank teller. We moved out of Gregory to Lake Orion Michigan for about 1 and a half years and then landed back in Gregory. We bought a small house and started to live our lives we never made tons of money but had fun doing what we loved most spending time outdoors and enjoying everything it has to offer. Whether it be camping, fishing, or taking care of the cows on my grandfather’s small farm. In 2003 she started to grow our offspring. The first child was a boy. Then again in 2005 again a boy. As our boys have grown, we have added many more activities.  Playing football, hunting, and ice fishing is always a favorite.

Many changes have come. Our oldest is in college and the youngest is not yet decided. The farm is now under the rule of my father. We all still help with hay in the summer and the winter, we tend to the cows. I work for a small surveying and engineering firm out of Howell Michigan.  The wife takes care of everything else. From cows, houses to everything. We are getting to a new chapter in life. Moving on and trying to move up.