Fly Fishing

If you’ve been fishing for years and are looking to change things up a bit, it might be time to try fly fishing. Unlike setting your line in the water and waiting for a nibble or maneuvering a lure as you reel in, fly fishing is an entire sporting art that requires the perfect flick of a fly on the surface of a lake or river to entice a fish to leap and bite.

Before you run out to the local sporting goods store and buy the whole set-up, you need to do your research. Yes, you’ll need specific equipment, such as a fly rod and reel, flies, and line, but you want to ensure you’re buying quality over quantity. If you plan to fish while wading, you’ll also need felt-bottomed boots and a quality set of waders. You have a few choices that can help you decide.

First, you can join a fly fishing retreat for a weekend. This excursion will not only teach you how to move the rod and land the fly perfectly, but it will also give you great advice on what you should buy to continue on your own. People who run fly fishing excursions are experts, and they are the best source for information.

If you don’t want to do an excursion or it’s out of your price range, you can read up on what equipment you need and ask the person that works in the fly fishing section of the sporting goods store. Keep in mind that they are expected to upsell you on certain items, so you need a clear idea of what is necessary before you head out.

Once you have your equipment, you can check you-tube for how-to videos. Don’t be scared to fail! Fly fishing is one of the hardest types of fishing to master, and it will take practice to get the perfect 10-2 motion. Expect to tangle your line, drop the fly wrong in the water, and generally struggle for the first dozen times you go out. Eventually, you’ll master the movements and be ready to go on your first fly fishing trip.

As for where to go, fly fishing works best on calm lakes or rivers. Your choice of location will depend on what type of fish you plan to catch and whether or not you’ll fish while wading or from a bank or boat. Thankfully, the fly fishing community is vast, and technology has allowed people to share the most prolific locations nearby. Check Facebook groups, Twitter feeds, and Reddit forums to find the best spots and learn all the tips and tricks you need to succeed.

Now that you know how to proceed, it’s time to get out there and get started. We highly recommend finding a fly fishing retreat or class to get you started on the right foot (yes, your stance matters!). Happy fishing!