F*{#!>G Garbage

March in mid-Michigan is the time of year when the snow is retreating, and the brown colors prevail in till the summer colors show up. This time of year is a good time to ride around in the truck looking at all the things that survived winter.

We live in a rural part of the county. A lot of the roads are still dirt. Some are muddy when crossing the swamp areas.

As the sun was coming up, we headed to the local gas station to get a cup of coffee and do a booze cruise. We started towards the state land, for those that don’t know what state land is, we pay extra money in the state of Michigan for hunting licenses or stickers and permits to enter the land set aside for us all to use. As we started down the back roads, we noticed that the side of the roads was just littered with massive amounts of garbage. I am not talking about a wrapper here and there I am talking about household garbage furniture, plastic containers, mattress, TVs, etc. What the hell is going on? We notice that in the past two years that a lot of new people have migrated to the area. Most of the houses that sat vacant for many years have multiple families living in them. With the yards and the driveways full of stuff like household garbage.

Our monthly bill for trash pickup is $45. The garbage man picks up whatever we put to the roadside no questions asked if it is in bags. We tend to treat the trash man now and then with cookies and prizes depending on the time of year. Just to be sure don’t piss off the garbage man you will regret it. That comes to about $1.50 a day. The cost of a bottle of soda (now). So, when we see all the trash on the side of the road we don’t understand why more people are not speaking out and not letting this happen in our neighborhood. It is getting worse. We all must take a stand and hold the dumb-ass people accountable for doing this to our community. Some just turn their heads to it, and some just don’t care. We together can make a difference. We all just have to start to do it NOW. Turn in the people that think the community that they live in is their trash yard. Once the word gets around that people are getting $1500.00 fines for throwing face masks out the window of the car or Mcdonald’s bags to the side of the road. That will make them think a little more before committing to littering. Come on people wake up and make your community better.