Farm Girl Truck

What’s in my truck?

I am a typical American mom. Raising two boys and working on the family farm. I have acquired many things that are necessary to have when you are doing anything.

I carry all the cleaning supplies to keep my truck looking good and preserving the interior. There are cleaning wipes, to take care of any spots or spills. Next are protective wipes to help save the dashboard, doors, and center counsel from daily life, but mostly me. Glass cleaner is a must. You must see out the windows to drive.

Being a busy farm family, it is not always easy to get dinner on the table at a decent time. There is multiple take-out menus for all our surrounding area eatery’s. The one who delivers is always my favorite.

A first aid kit is always readily available. Band aids, gauze, new skin, and tape is handy. Part of this kit also includes scissors, nail clippers, and a set of tweezers. Hay can be good for a lot of slivers.

All of this so far is in my center counsel. Let us talk about the back seat.

I always keep at least one roll of duct tape. It is helpful quite a lot. During the summer months there is a case of water or two. Have to keep the cooler stocked when it’s hot and we’re working in the field. Next is the bag of extras and requirements. Sunblock is very important, you need to protect your skin. Mosquito spray is required. Sometimes they will eat you alive. And of course, in Michigan the weather can be unpredictable. Extra t-shirts, socks, and sweaters needed.

When days are hot and steamy in the field the only way to cool off is a cold wet towel. So, I carry a bag of towels and extra clothes for this. Cooler water can be refreshing. The towels can also be for wiping grease out of the way, or off you or the tractor. We use baby wipes to get the grease off our skin.

All of this being in the backseat can take up a ton of space. But I do leave enough space for extra passengers.

Now on to the bed of the truck. On the left side of the bed there is a piece of rope to tie the gas can up, so there is no spillage. The cooler sits at the back end of the truck on the right. This makes it easier to make sure there is enough beer, water, and ice ready for any helpers. Behind the cooler hangs an old wooden cane. Still strong enough to hook onto one of the crates holding various things. The biggest crate holds all my straps and tie downs. With zip ties, a hammer, plastic ribbon, and jumper cables. Another crate holding oil and fuel additive for the tractor. Do not forget the grease gun. It keeps everything running smoothly. The last crate has crow bars, pry bars, and giant screw drivers. With extra hitch pins, hitches, and bolts for various uses. This is my truck from front to back.