Choosing the Right Campsite

Choosing the right campsite is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you’ve planned a camping trip everyone will enjoy. Many factors go into the perfect campsite, so let’s look at a few before you book your next trip.

The first thing you need to consider is what type of landscape you’re looking for while camping. There are many parks throughout the United States, and the views on offer are endless. From swampy marshes to canyon ridges and forested acreage to plains and pastures, each one offers a different experience. For instance, if you don’t mind a few mosquitos and love to fish, marsh camping can offer days of perfection. If you prefer crisp weather and long-needled pines, mountain camping is the right choice for you.

Once you’ve figured out the terrain you prefer, it’s time to research and decide what type of campsite you want. There are several kinds available. If you want easy access to amenities, you can choose one near a bustling location. Some places have pools, clubhouses, Wifi, and more! If you’re trying to get away from people and love to hike, you might want to choose a backcountry campsite instead.

Don’t forget to take in the needs of your companions. Children and seniors need to be near bathrooms and close to a vehicle in case of emergencies. You also want to choose a campsite that is broad and flat with very few natural obstacles. You don’t want your uncle twisting his ankle on uneven ground! Similarly, if anyone in the group has medical conditions that prevent them from casually exploring the wilderness, easy access to a car is imperative. Still, if everyone in the group is non-disabled and not prone to clumsiness or accidents, you should be fine trekking out a bit and having a good time.

The campsite location isn’t the only factor in choosing the right spot. Weather conditions and temperatures can make even the best campsite a wrong choice! Be sure to time your camping trip and plan for the weather. If you’ve had it booked for a while and you find it’s going to rain, don’t cancel! Set up your tent to stay dry and warm and enjoy the outdoors with the gentle patter of rain on the trees. You might need to call and ask if your specific campsite tends to flood, though. It’s easier to change the location than cancel, so don’t be wary of asking questions. You can be sure other people will choose not to go, and you might even get a campsite you were hoping for that was already booked.

Now go out and plan that perfect camping trip! Don’t forget to read up on awesome campsite food and tips and tricks for the best experience!