Best Fishing Apps

Fishing is a fun activity you can do any time of year without technology. Still, there’s no reason not to take advantage of some excellent apps on the market to up your fishing game and help you log your catches. Let’s take a look!

#1: AngLR

If you don’t want to spend valuable fishing time logging information about the surrounding conditions, AngLR is the app for you. Yes, you can still log your catches, but this app will do the rest of the work. When you start a fishing trip, all you need to do is click a button, and it will track your movements and the local weather and water conditions. The makers of AngLR have partnered with Dark Sky and USGS to get accurate and reliable information. Over time, you’ll be able to tailor your fishing trips to be more successful, as you’ll know when to go back to a particular fishing spot. Even better, you can enter which lures you used to track what works best.

#2: FishAngler

Sometimes the basics are better. This simple app will show you maps and the weather forecast while allowing you to log your catch and talk with other anglers worldwide. It is mentioned here because the interface is user-friendly and 100% free. You really can’t do better than that!

#3: FishBrain

With over nine million users, FishBrain is truly a treasure trove of information. Aside from talking with anglers that have recently been to your favorite fishing spot, it can help you identify what you’ve caught. It also provides a comprehensive fishing forecast that can be invaluable when planning your next fishing trip. The only thing better than fishing is catching! Of course, this app also includes a logbook for your catch and lure used, which makes it even more popular. Over time, crowd-sourcing this information has allowed the app makers to provide real-time recommendations on which bait or lure to use for the current conditions and location.

#4: Fishidy

With a database that includes hundreds of thousands of waterways, Fishidy is an excellent choice for the avid fisherman that likes to try new locations. Just like FishBrain, Fishidy has spent years collecting data from users to elevate your fishing experience to the next level. Even better, you can track the movements of fellow Fishidy users and see what they’ve caught nearby. For a premium price, you’ll get access to tens of thousands of tried and true hotspots, underwater hazard identification, and bathymetric mapping.

Any of the four apps above are a great choice, as proven by the reviews in the App Store. Next time you head out fishing, be sure to try each one and see which you like best. Become a part of the global fishing community and help other anglers have their best year yet!