Best Vacations for People Who Love the Outdoors

If you love the outdoors, instead of heading to the beach this year, consider an alternative. There are many family-friendly vacation opportunities if you love fresh air and sunshine! Let’s look at your options.

Rent a Cabin!

Airbnb has made it easy and quick to book a cabin for any length of time. Whether you’re just trying to get away from the city for a night or two or want to spend two whole weeks exploring nature, you’ll find the perfect spot for you and your family. Cabin rentals are often near epic hiking trails or charming tourist towns, so you will have lots to do nearby. Even better, you get to cook your own homemade meals the entire time for the perfect cabin experience.

Go RVing!

Whether you rent or buy, an RV trip gives you freedom like no other choice. You can stay at one RV site the entire time or hop from camp to camp for an epic week to month-long trip. Before you go, join a few RV groups on social media, so you know what to expect and the best places to book. Some RV camps even have amusement park atmospheres for fun the whole family can enjoy. If it’s in your budget, consider a toy hauler so that you can rent or take your ATVs and jet skis with you.

Go Camping!

Camping is budget-friendly and tons of fun. There are numerous State and National Parks you can visit, with tons of hiking and fishing opportunities. You can even go glamping if you want a step up, as it’s like camping without the hassles of carting your tent around and setting it up. Don’t feel like camping limits you to a single location, though. Just like RVing, you can hit multiple campsites on your trip and enjoy a variety of scenery. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and bug spray!

Hit the trails! The SKI trails!

Hiking isn’t the only fun outdoor activity available for an outdoorsy vacation. Skiing makes for an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Find a resort in Colorado or Utah, and get everyone out on the slopes. If you don’t know how to ski, no worries! You can sign up for a class and learn a new skill. Even the kids will have a blast, and you can spend quality time as a family hanging out while drinking hot chocolate or making snowmen at the end of the day. Some ski resorts even offer excursions like dog sledding for an extra burst of fun.

Now that you have some great ideas for a vacation, it’s time to plan it out! Each one will require reservations, and the best places always book quickly. To be sure you get the ultimate vacation, get those dates and start your research now!